There are many items you can make- in fact, most items you will need will be items you craft! You can craft these items at your Keep's Workbench

Gathering MaterialsEdit

You get the various materials you need in various ways. Some items, like milk and eggs, come from Chores. Other items, like most herbs and gemstones, come from Foraging or as Quest Rewards. A handful of common items, like honey and rope, can be purchased at the Market Mercantile.

Items vary in rarity and difficulty to obtain.

Crafting ItemsEdit

It's pretty straight forward to craft items. On the item's page it will tell you what the item does, and how many will be made from each crafting. All items are placed in your inventory, except for nests, which are set up in your Keep when crafted.

Crafting RecipesEdit

The list below is of miscellaneous items or basic materials that are needed for other crafting recipes.
The other recipes can be found on their respective pages: Feeding, Treats, Nests, Oils, and Special Items

Bread Hot, fresh bread. Dragons won't eat it on its own, but they love it in various blends.
Required Ingredients (Makes 5)
Flour 5 Flour and Salt 1 Salt

Cheese Smelly, mushy, rank cheese. Dragons won't eat it on its own, but they love it mixed together with other foods.
Required Ingredients (Makes 5)
Milk 5 Milk and Salt 1 Salt

Fabric A roll of homemade wool fabric. It's a little uneven around the edges, but good enough to use.
Required Materials (Makes 1)
Fleece 5 Fleece

Thick Fabric
Thick fabric Thick, durable, and actually quite soft. Perfect for making high quality goods, just don't spill anything on it.
Required Materials (Makes 1)
Rare fleece 5 Rare Fleece, Emerald dust 1 Emerald Dust, and Maglion 2 Maglions

Thick Leather
Thick leather A heavy roll of thick tanned leather. Anything made from this should last a long time. Unless a Fire Dragon makes off with it, then it's as good as toast.
Required Materials (Makes 1)
Leather 5 Leather, Ruby dust 1 Ruby Dust, and Iron bark 1 Iron Bark