Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Earth dragon egg

Kin to both the Stone and Fire dragons, this gentle giant is the only one who naturally seeks out human companionship. Most (in)famously known for their absurdly tiny, feathered wings. Some say the Earth Dragons are the descendants of the fallen Feathered Serpents, banished to earth with just tiny little wings to remind them of what they lost.

Earth Dragons are flightless and naturally sorrowful, preferring human company to their own kin. They are excellent tenders of earth and eggs. No one knows too much about them.

Earth Dragons can neither fly nor swim. Their hearts are deep but fragile, and they are poor competition dragons, and quick to loose faith in their humans (and themselves)

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: Bonus to all gathering & tending chores
Demerits: Lack of competitive spirit, cannot do any task involving flight or swimming
Diet: Vegetarian Blend (Strict vegetarians, won't accept treats with meat.)
Season: Spring
Temperature: Cool/Warm
Weather: Any

Spectra Edit

Body: Massive
Wingspan: Small
Wing: Feathered
Tail: Tasseled
Sheen: Dull
Finlets: Tufted
Heart: Loving
Loyalty: Pleasant

Available ColorsEdit

Earth dragon autumn

Earth dragon spring

Earth dragon summer

Earth dragon winter

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