Nom nom, Cabbage!

Dragons need to eat!

Each breed of dragon has their own special food requirements. Some breeds are vegetarian and will not eat meat (Earth Dragons), while others only want meat (Bone Dragons). It's important to keep this in mind when selecting Dragons for your keep, what livestock to raise, and what crops to grow.

The game system feeds them each night at update. The system feeds the food you have assigned to them If you do not have a food assigned, OR do not have any of that food in inventory, your dragon goes hungry

Going hungry 1 night isn't a big deal. Your dragon will lose 10% health, happiness and fed each night they go hungry. Going multiple nights without feeding will put your dragons into poor condition. At 30% Health a dragon falls Asleep, and only Nocturne Salts can awaken them from this state.

Assigning BlendsEdit

You may assign what blend to feed each dragon in your Keep's Feedroom. You may assign a blend even if you do not have that blend in inventory. You may assign a blend even if it is the WRONG blend.

By default all dragons are NOT assigned a blend. The INSTANT you obtain a new dragon you should make sure to let your staff know to feed them!

The game system also won't stop you from feeding your dragon something it doesn't like. If you do this your dragon will still go hungry. You will never convince an Earth Dragon to eat carnivore blend!

NOTE: Omnivore dragons will NEED omnivore blend, they will not accept vetegable or carnavore blends! They will take any kind of treat though.


At your Keep's Workbench you can make 5 types of Blends. Plus there is 1 Blend you can buy at the market. You craft these from the resources you forage, gather and cultivate.

Basic Blend
Basic blend
Basic Blend is a mass-produced dragon kibble. It's unhealthy and gross, but if all else fails and you're out of food, resources and time, you can feed Basic Blend. Because it's so unhealthy your dragons suffer a performance penalty. But at least they won't starve right?
Required Ingredients
No Ingredients - Can only be bought in the Market

Omnivore Blend
Omnivore blend Omnivore Blend is a mix of meats, berries, nuts and other food items that omnivore breeds enjoy. This blend is the favored food of Ice, Stone, Shadow and Star dragons.
Required Ingredients (Makes 7 servings)
Berries 100 Berries, Nuts 100 Nuts, Meat 45 Meat, Cheese 10 Cheese, and Bread 15 Bread

Vegetarian Blend
Vegetarian blend Vegetarian Blend is a mix of berries, nuts and other veggies that the native herbivore dragons will love. This blend is vegan and the only thing Earth Dragons will eat.
Required Ingredients (Makes 7 servings)
Berries 200 Berries, Nuts 250 Nuts, Honey 15 Honey, Vegetables 250 Vegetables, and Bread 50 Bread

Carnivore Blend
Carnivore blend Carnivore Blend is a mix of meat, fish, and eggs. Makes carnivorous dragons drool. The favored blend of Fire and Metal dragons. Shadow Dragons will also eat it.
Required Ingredients (Makes 7 servings)
Meat 150 Meat, Fish 150 Fish, and Eggs 25 Eggs

Seafarer Blend
Seafarer blend Seafarer Blend is Fish mixed in with a little bit of eggs and berries for a sweeter flavor. Sort of a strange blend... but Water Dragons love it!
Required Ingredients (Makes 7 servings)
Bread 5 Bread, Fish 250 Fish, Eggs 15 Eggs, and Berries 25 Berries

Performance Blend
Performance blend A very special blend that any breed of dragon will eat. This blend improves Competition performance slightly.
Required Ingredients (Makes 7 servings)
Honey 25 Honey, Eggs 15 Eggs, Milk 25 Milk, Nuts 125 Nuts, Vegetables 100 Vegetables, Topaz dust 1 Topaz Dust, and Glitterbloom 5 Glitterblooms