Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Fire dragon egg

Fire Dragons dwell deep in the smoldering heart of the same mountains Ice Dragons perch upon. Quiet and brooding, Fire Dragons live long lives (even by dragon standards) and spend much of their time curled quietly on their hoards of collected riches, just... waiting, while their luminescent scales seethe in time to their heartbeats.

Fire Dragons are strong, and unusually agile and quick for their physiques. They are a brooding type, always willing to simply return to their mountain hoards to wait, so winning their loyalty is a bit of a task at first, but the breed is actually capable of a very good partnership with the right human companion.

Fire Dragons prefer sweltering heat (the hotter the better) and do poorly in cold conditions. They are not so useful for many tasks around the Keep, as their radiant body heat sets fire to most everything, but they are naturally adept at cooking (they liken it to hoarding, so are usually happy to help in the kitchen!)

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: + Hoarding, Physique does not naturally lend itself to speed or agility, but breed gets small bonuses in these areas anyway.
Demerits: Unable to do many tasks- radiant body heat causes flammable objects to catch fire.
Diet: Carnivore Blend
Season: Summer
Temperature: Hot/Sweltering
Weather: Clear/Muggy

Spectra Edit

Body: Substantial
Wingspan: Disproportionately large
Wing: Membrane
Tail: Tasseled
Sheen: Reflective
Finlets: Tufted
Heart: Difficult
Loyalty: Pleasant

Available ColorsEdit

Fire dragon brick

Fire dragon ignite

Fire dragon plasma

Fire dragon smolder

Fire dragon solar

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