Fire dragon brick
Getting started in a hardcore breeding SIM like DoK can be pretty intimidating. There is a lot of information to take in and things to read and research before you start diving into the game. So let's take a look at what you get when you join and what you can do to start getting a foothold in the game.

So you've plugged in your super-special invite code, and you're now a member of Dragons of Kalon.

What You Start With Edit

You start DoK with the following:

  • 3 Create Dragon Credits (Dragons > Create Dragon)
  • 1 random egg (Dragons > Eggbox)
  • 15 Basic Nests(Keep > Nests)
  • 100 Acres (Keep)
  • 6,500 coins
  • 7 servings of Omnivore Blend, Vegetarian Blend, Seafarer Blend and Carnivore Blend
  • 10 Green Dumplings

What to do now? The absolute first thing you should do is read up on each of the foundation Dragon breeds. Read this information carefully, think about it, then choose what breeds your Create Dragons will be. They can be 3 different breeds or 3 of the same breed. However you want them to be.

You should put some thought into this, because as you will see, each breed is quite distinct, with assorted needs, benefits and pitfalls. You should NOT do anything with your Keep or purchase any items before you have selected your create dragons.

Okay! I have my dragons! What now?

Well, that depends! Your 3 created dragons are already fully baby trained, so you can start right away with training, or foraging, or questing, or chores.

Your first thing should be deciding how you plan on keeping your dragons fed. There's no NPC food vendor. You can buy food from other players, if they're willing to sell, but you'll probably have to grow food. If you have carnivore dragons you'll want to work on raising livestock, if you have herbivore dragons you may want to focus more on growing crops, aquatic dragons will need to do lots of fishing and keep a few chickens, and finally omnivore dragons will need a little bit of everything.

After that, well, it's really up to you to decide what direction to take your game. Whether is breeding to be the best contest dragon, breeding for that one special dragon that has the spectra you want, or if you just want to try and build up your resources to help others. I suggest reading through ALL the guides and giving it some thought.

Making MoneyEdit

There are a few ways to make more coins. Competition purses are the primary way of making coins. Quests often reward coins, and occasionally your dragons will find a stash of coins while out foraging.

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