Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Ice dragon egg

This northern variety of dragon is typically shades of ice blue to pure white. They are best known for their blindingly reflective scales and expansive wingspan. The females of the species measure the worth of their potential mates entirely on their wingspan. The males are a little less discerning in their tastes. Their natural habitat is distant snowy peaks where they can live in permanent cold and glide on frigid mountain currents.

Ice Dragons are highly adept fliers and possess great stamina and swiftness. However, their extremely low body temperature means they have very slow reactions and can be fairly clumsy.

By nature this species is neutral and disinterested in humans and even other dragons. They care little for treats and praise, only dignity. That cool emotional distance can initially be a challenge, but the wise handler will see its value for tasks and competitions, as these are not dragons that are easily flustered. These are not dragons for a handler who wants a cuddly friend and companion.

Ice Dragons are the most weather-sensitive of the dragon breeds.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: +Stamina, +Flight tasks, grace under pressure
Demerits: -Agility, extremely sensitive to weather
Diet: Omnivore Blend
Season: Winter
Temperature: Frigid
Weather: Blizzard

Spectra Edit

Body: Compact
Wingspan: Impressive
Wing: Membrane
Tail: Spade
Sheen: Reflective
Finlets: Points
Heart: Difficult
Loyalty: Grumpy

Available ColorsEdit

Ice dragon aurora

Ice dragon frost

Ice dragon glacier

Ice dragon ocean ice
Ocean Ice

Ice dragon snow

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