Koi Dragons were a rare breed in earlier versions of DoK, they were also the only breeds that required the parents to be a specific color to even have the chance at breeding them. Koi dragons are not in the current version of the game, but could be added in at a later date.

Lore/Species BasicsEdit



Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: ???
Demerits: ???
Diet: ???
Season: ???
Temperature: ???
Weather: ???

Spectra Edit

Body: ???
Wingspan: ???
Wing: ???
Tail: ???
Sheen: ???
Finlets: ???
Heart: ???
Loyalty: ???

Breed ColorsEdit

NOTICE: These sprites are considered OUTDATED, once new versions get confirmed these images should be moved to the Outdated/Unused Art page, and replaced here with the new version.

Koi dragon Gin Matsuba
Gin Matsuba

Koi dragon komonryu

Koi dragon sanke

Koi dragon yamabuki

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