Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Metal dragon egg

The analytical Metal Dragons are the most intelligent of the dragon breeds, well known for their cool, calculating minds. They are not emotionally distant like Ice Dragons- they are simply very obsessed with everything being just and fair. Their association with any creature, even their own kind, is a matter of rationale, not emotion.

Metal Dragons are intelligent and very strong. Their burnished hide comes in metallic shades ranging from silver to bronze. Metal Dragon scales are sparse and quite valuable.

This is not a breed that suffers fools or unfair treatment well, but is a fine companion for those willing to treat them fairly at every turn. Metal Dragons keep score. As long as the score is even, they are very pleased to remain.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: + Strength, + Intelligence, content as long as treated fairly
Demerits: High penalties if put to work outside its comfort zone.
Diet: Carnivore Blend
Season: Fall
Temperature: Cool/Warm
Weather: Clear

Spectra Edit

Body: Big
Wingspan: Disproportionate
Wing: Tattered
Tail: Barbed
Sheen: Reflective
Finlets: Frilled
Heart: Aloof
Loyalty: Pleasant

Available ColorsEdit

Metal dragon bronze

Metal dragon copper

Metal dragon gold

Metal dragon silver

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