Oils are buff items that can be used to help dragons. Generally they are used to make dragons more comfortable and feel better, but they can also bring dragons into season for breeding outside of their natural breeding cycle.

Oils last for 24 hours (to the minute) and each application requires 1 vial. Oils do not stack. You cannot remove an oil once applied, but you can overwrite it with a different oil.

Two oils currently exist in the system: Hrim and Fervid. These oils are very potent and are best used only on the most weather sensitive of dragons. If you use them on less sensitive dragons you may actually make those dragons uncomfortable!

Crafting RecipiesEdit

Hrim Oil
Hrim oil A vial of freezing Hrim Oil. Best used on Ice dragons to help them keep cool in hot temperatures.
Required Materials
Ice bells 3 Ice Bells, Lunar lights 2 Lunar Lights, Tallow 1 Tallow, Emerald dust 5 Emerald Dust, and Diamond dust 5 Diamond Dust

Fervid Oil
Fervid oil A vial of burning Fervid Oil. Gets the most benefit when used on Fire dragons to keep them toasty in freezing weather.
Required Materials
Sun spikes 3 Sun Spikes, Gold lantern 10 Gold Lanterns, Tallow 1 Tallow, Topaz dust 5 Topaz Dust, and Ruby dust 5 Ruby Dust