The Pea dragon was a foundation breed released somewhere near the end of DoK V2's lifetime. It's possible they may be added to the current version at a later date.

Lore/Species BasicsEdit



Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: ???
Demerits: ???
Diet: ???
Season: ???
Temperature: ???
Weather: ???

Spectra Edit

Body: ???
Wingspan: ???
Wing: ???
Tail: ???
Sheen: ???
Finlets: ???
Heart: ???
Loyalty: ???

Breed ColorsEdit

NOTICE: These sprites are considered OUTDATED, once new versions get confirmed these images should be moved to the Outdated/Unused Art page, and replaced here with the new version.

Pea dragon illumination

Pea dragon spalding bronze
Spalding Bronze

Pea dragon spalding peach
Spalding Peach

Peadragon burmese green
Burmese Green

Peadragon indigo

Peadragon onyx

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