Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Shadow dragon egg

The secretive Shadow Dragons are not reclusive, just very shy. A highly nocturnal dragon, smokey and shifting. They are often quite small compared to other dragons. Its beautiful tattered wings- which are almost feathered, really- are its trademark.

Shadow Dragons are small, quick and agile. They naturally are agile and loyal, although not naturally courageous and brave.

Shadow Dragons are in season when the outside temperatures are moderate.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: Weather tolerant, extremely devoted, agility, speed
Demerits: -Cunning, lack of competitive spirit, shy
Diet: Carnivore OR Omnivore Blend
Season: Winter
Temperature: Cool/Cold
Weather: Stormy

Spectra Edit

Body: Slender
Wingspan: Proportionate
Wing: Tattered
Tail: Tapered
Sheen: Dull
Finlets: Wavey points
Heart: Gentle
Loyalty: Devoted

Available ColorsEdit

Shadow dragon ink

Shadow dragon murky

Shadow dragon nightshade

Shadow dragon obfuscated

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