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The Spectra are the physical traits that are shown beneath your dragon's Exteriors. The spectra are wingsize, wingshape, body, finlets, tail and sheen. These physical attributes exist on a spectrum, and greatly influence your dragon's exterior and interior traits.

Spectra are hidden until 3 seasons of age. You can (in theory) unlock a dragon's exteriors through training/exercise before then, but you cannot actually see the mature spectra until 3 seasons.

Spectra are not the SOLE source of what stats your dragon has- but they are a very large chunk. When making any breeding selections you should always consider Spectra. Because if you breed solely based on stats alone you might be in for some rude surprises.

Also, having a dragon with all their spectra at the "extreme" ends may not always be a good thing, a dragon with incredibly large wings might be cumbersome when doing anything on land, and impossible to to anything in the water.

Each dragon breed has a specific breed type, such as Earth Dragons are always quite large, and Water Dragons always have fins. All Water Dragons can swim, but none can fly. Those little fins just aren't any good for flying. Just like a Star Dragon's big feathered wings will cause them to drown instantly.

However- you can breed for different spectra. If you wanted to try to breed a line of tiny, fast Earth Dragons that can fly, you could do that. Spectra are controlled by DNA, and by slowly and carefully selecting your breeding stock you can create your own special line of dragons with the Spectra you want.

Spectra ScalesEdit

Wing Type Wing Size Body Type Finlets Tail Sheen
Delicate Fins Teeny Tiny Immense Perfectly Smooth Extreme Spade Tip Tough Old Hide
Typical Fins Itsy Bitsy Huge Mostly Smooth Typical Spade Tip Very Dull
Fin-like Small Substantial Nubbins Marked Spade Tip Dull
Wing-shaped Fins Somewhat Small Large Bumps Slight Spade Tip Like Leather
Only Just Membrane Noticeable Kind of Chubby Distinct Bumpy Tip Slight Lustre
Thick Membrane Somewhat Proportionate Somewhat Compact Distinct Points Somewhat Barbed Soft Lustre
Fine Membrane Typical Proportions Unexpectedly Strong Compact Points Barbed Lustrous
Delicate Membrane Rather Disproportionate Compact Crescent-like Points A Few Barbs Sparkling Lustre
Fragile Membrane Clearly Disproportionate Very Compact Flexible Points Slightly Tapered Shine
Slightly Tattered Large Agile Soft Points Tapered Polished Gleam
Fairly Tattered Quite Large Sleek Slightly Tufted Fine Point Reflective
Typically Tattered Very Large Lithe Fairly Tufted Some Frills Slightly Reflective
Long Tatters Expansive Lissome Spikey Tufts Slightly Tasseled A Little Slick
Stiff Tatters Magnificent Slender Slightly Frilly Tasseled Slightly Slimy
Only Just Feathered Serpent-like Somewhat Frilled Profuse Tassels Slimy
Somewhat Feathered True Serpent Frilled Gross
Feathered Very Frilled Disgusting
Profuse Feathering Extremely Frilled