Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Star dragon egg

The cheerful but vain Star Dragons possess scales that seem dusted with starlight, and can illuminate any dark space with soft starlight. They have beautiful feathered wings and are lean and sleek. Some say they- not the Earth Dragons- are the descendants of the Feathered Serpents, and proof that the Feathered Serpents met a good end..

Star Dragons are some of the most self-absorbed dragons there are. Their lives are preoccupied with their own amusement and enjoyment. They are intelligent and playful, and as long as everything is a game, they're quite pleased to go along with the plan.

Once the fun stops, Star Dragons lose loyalty quickly. They are intolerant and naturally spoilt. At low loyalty levels they are especially difficult to deal with. They are quick to become resentful if taxed. And those gorgeous feather wings? Fabulous for flying, but they make swimming impossible.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: +Intelligence, +bonus to flight tasks
Demerits: Quick to lose loyalty, capricious, unreliable, primadonna
Diet: Omnivore Blend
Season: Summer
Temperature: Warm/Hot
Weather: Balmy/Breezy

Spectra Edit

Body: Slender
Wingspan: Proportionate
Wing: Feathered
Tail: Tasseled
Sheen: Lustrous
Finlets: Tufted
Heart: Distant
Loyalty: Aloof

Available ColorsEdit

Star dragon early light
Early Light

Star dragon horizon

Star dragon moonlight

Star dragon twilight

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