Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Stone dragon egg

Stone Dragons are the largest breed of dragon. Like their cousins the Earth Dragons they have absurdly tiny wings (which come in any spectra) but are capable of flight through some bizarre, unknown method or magic. While the Earth Dragons are humble and quiet, Stone Dragons are regal and walk with great pride of place.

Stone Dragons are huge and strong. Everything about them is density and power. They are ideal for any task that requires strength and durability, and are a great help when hunting for gems or stones. They are actually very good tempered as well, with mild hearts and good loyalty.

Due to their incredible size, Stone Dragons are terrible at any task requiring deft claws or quick movement. They're also not terribly good swimmers- they can walk along the bottom of a pond or waterway, but that's about it.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: +Strength, +bonus to any task requiring physical dominance and size
Demerits: High penalty to any task requiring finesse, grace or agility
Diet: Omnivore Blend
Season: Autumn
Temperature: Cool/Cold
Weather: Any

Spectra Edit

Body: Huge
Wingspan: Very small
Wing: Tattered
Tail: Barbed
Sheen: Dull
Finlets: Points
Heart: Gentle
Loyalty: Agreeable

Available ColorsEdit

Stone dragon granite

Stone dragon marble

Stone dragon onyx

Stone dragon orchre

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