Dragons love noms! There are 6 different treats you can craft. All treats grant some happiness, and are a good idea to have on hand for those bad training sessions and general sour-puss dragons. Most dragons will eat all treats, but some breeds are a little choosy: Earth Dragons will not eat anything that contains meat, and Bone Dragons will only eat meat-treats. You can shove an unlimited number of treats down a dragon in a day.

Currently all these treats grant +5% to happiness

Crafting RecipesEdit

Candied Bacon
Candied bacon Only Earth Dragons won't eat delicious meat candy!
Required Ingredients (Makes 5 Treats)
Meat 3 Meat and Sugar 10 Sugar

Green Dumpling
Green dumpling A strange combination of sugar and pounded little ear.
Required Ingredients (Makes 5 Treats)
Little ear 5 Little Ear and Sugar 10 Sugar

Mellow Cube
Mellow cube A soothing blend of berries with glitterbloom for fanciness.
Required Ingredients (Makes 5 Treats)
Berries 10 Berries and Glitterbloom 2 Glitterblooms

Pinwheel Bread
Pinwheel bread Flour mixed with maglion results in this unusual bready treat.
Required Ingredients (Makes 5 Treats)
Flour 3 Flour and Maglion 10 Maglions

Waffle Stick
Waffle stick Meat encased in sugary bread. What's not to like?
Required Ingredients (Makes 5 Treats)
Flour 5 Flour, Sugar 5 Sugar, and Meat 3 Meat