Lore/Species BasicsEdit

Water dragon egg

The water dragons are one of the most rare and elusive varieties of dragon. Some say they are not dragons at all, but an offshoot that diverged millinea ago and are now actually sea serpents. They dwell in fresh and saltwater throughout the world.

They are masters of the water. They enjoy tropical conditions (although cold-weather varieties are rumored to exist) and are extremely agile. The breed has a peculiar knack for finding hidden treasure. They enjoy human company and while a little flighty, actually make fine companions. Unlike most dragons they enjoy games and tricks, and will happily entertain an appreciative audience for hours.

Additional InfoEdit

Bonuses: + Agility, Lucky, +to all swimming/water, +finding rarities
Demerits: Flightless, unable to perform many land tasks, must live in water
Diet: Seafarer Blend
Season: Summer
Temperature: Hot, Sweltering
Weather: Clear

Spectra Edit

Body: Serpent
Wingspan: Tiny
Wing: Fins
Tail: Spade
Sheen: Oily
Finlets: Points
Heart: Cheerful
Loyalty: Unreliable

Available ColorsEdit

Water dragon currents

Water dragon deep water
Deep Water

Water dragon frigid depths
Frigid Depths

Water dragon marsh

Water dragon shallow water
Shallow Water

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